Learn how to compost at home

Composting with worms is unique because it allows people to compost inside their homes.

A small vermicompost bin can reduce waste and produce beneficial plant fertilizer!

Composting in your home is possible!

As home ownership becomes fewer and far between, many environmentalists struggle with finding ways to deal with waste. 

It often feels like composting is only for someone with a parcel of land and not for those who live in an apartment or in the city. 


Vermicomposting in your own home or apartment can allow you to:

Don't Worry,
We teach you everything

We try to cover everything on this site. From how to set-up your bin, prepare the scraps, buy compost worms, and basic maintenance. 

Before you know it, you'll be one of many vermicompost enthusiasts who are reducing their environmental impact and improving soil quality!

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This blog started as a passion project during the days of 2020 madness. I've been indoor worm composting for nearly 10 years now and love it.
I try to share all the knowledge I've learned from experts here. All the information is free and freely shared. If you see anything that needs a tweak, addition, or fix, write it in the comments.
Together we can reduce waste, and return beneficial bacteria back into the soil.
Thank you for choosing Composting with Red Worms for your resource in vermicomposting..

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