You Too Can Compost At Home

Composting with red worms in your home to all things small space and apartment vermicomposting. This website aims to empower more people to reduce their environmental footprint and produce their own compost for houseplants in their own apartments.

Let’s talk about some things you will need to know when you get started.

Basic Overview

getting started with vermicomposting

This is a great place to get an overview of basic best practices for small space composting.

Feeding Basics

Complete Guide to feeding your worms

Here is your total guide to feeding your compost worm, complete with a food list.

Start Your Own

worm composting starter kit

Make your own starter kit with items you can upcycle and reuse for a worm home.


Worm Composting Containers tote bin with compost

Keep your worm population growing and happy with these maintenance tips.


Common Composting Topics

Beginners commonly have questions asking if they are doing it right. Commonly these are questions about what to feed their worms, issues they see in their bin, and what to do with the compost.

Here are some of the most common topics for you to explore


Learn more about what foods worms love and how to prepare them for the best results.


Make your own DIY bin with common household items, or learn about ready-to-buy options.


Find out all the great uses for the nutrient-rich vermicompost that your houseplants will love.


About CWRR

After years of composting in my own apartment, I’ve decided to share my secrets. I want to help more people start their journey in vermicomposting


Where To Buy Worms

Are ready to get started and want to purchase worms?

I am working my way through a state-by-state look share resources to help you get started. Some people prefer going with an online seller, others prefer to go local. My goal is to help you find resources close by (or in your backyard) that can help you get started as soon as possible.


Check Out A Recent Post

Stay up to date with the most recent posts and information about composting with red wigglers. Check out the mix of frequently asked questions, how-to, and advice articles.

As always, feel free to pose your questions in the comments of each article. I update them frequently to ensure they are as up-to-date and informative as possible.