3 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Here are 3 ways to reduce food waste. In the United States, about 30 to 40% of edible food is wasted or thrown away each year. That amounts to $161 billion in waste each year. Food loss occurs throughout the food supply chain, from harvest to retail. Food loss causes the wasting of food, which costs consumers money and pollutes the environment. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce food waste.

Let’s dive into some easy solutions.

Plan meals each week

 Reduce Food Waste by scheduling your meals

By planning ahead of time and bringing your containers, you can ensure that you aren’t throwing out a lot of food. You can also repurpose your leftovers by cooking them again. For example, you can use stale bread to make croutons, saute beet greens for a side dish, and compost vegetable scraps to provide nutrients for your garden’s soil.

Try planning different meals every day to avoid overbuying. This way, you can plan your grocery list and not get distracted by temptations to buy more than you need. In addition, it helps you stick to the grocery list. And the most important tip – avoid wasting food by not eating all of it! Keep track of the food waste in your house and make changes as necessary.

Trade unused food before expiration

Smartphone apps like Olio can help you reduce food waste. This app helps food retailers sell unsold food at half price to get rid of it. Users can post photos of the food to sell or browse listings of available food. Six million people in 60 countries already use Olio. Moreover, BBC Good Food recommends buying less food to reduce food waste. If you purchase it, ensure it is edible and within its ‘use-by’ date.

new phone apps can Reduce Food Waste

Eating unattractive fruits and vegetables.

purchasing unattractive vegetables can Reduce Food Waste

A plant-based diet is a way to the future. While apples are aesthetically pleasing, not all fruits and vegetables look perfect. Try picking up ugly fruit and vegetables. They may be just as good. Also, some grocery stores offer more unattractive produce at discounted rates to avoid food waste. If interested, try a subscription to a local farm’s “ugly” produce. This can Grow your own vegetables at home.

However, if it is not possible to have a garden on the property or no interest in maintaining one, try buying organic produce from local farmers’ markets where you can get a good variety of vegetables and fruits. This is better for the environment because it minimizes air pollution and fuel usage. If there is no garden reduce food waste and help the environment. . might be able to share their plants in exchange for certain types of help while they are growing.

Another way to reduce food waste is to plan your meals.

Summary: 3 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Buying the most beautiful produce is not the only way to reduce food waste. If you have the technical know-how, consider canning or pickling your leftover veggies for long-lasting enjoyment.

Please do your best only to buy the food you need, keep it as fresh as possible, and when choose ugly fruits and vegetables. Each small change can add up to a big difference.