3 Ways to Reduce Paper Waste

Paper production requires a staggering amount of natural resources, so here are three ways to reduce your paper waste is vital to saving our planet. Simple changes can make a big difference while helping you save money. Here are three simple changes that can make a difference in the amount of paper you throw away. Read more about the effects of paper waste on the environment. To help you cut down on your junk, try recycling more, upcycling old and unused items, and purchasing and reusing feminine products.

Take your office paperless.

To reduce your paper waste, consider switching to a paperless office. Using digital collaboration tools and cloud storage solutions can help you achieve this goal. Using these products, you can save up to 30 trees per year and recycle them like other paper products.

Using less paper at work can reduce the overall waste in the environment

Using less paper at work can save your organization money and help the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EDP), 42% of all trees cut for industrial purposes are used for paper. Furthermore, the pulp and paper industry is the largest industrial water user and is the third largest source of global warming pollution. By using less, you’ll be contributing to a smaller carbon footprint while at the same time reducing your energy bill and environmental pollution.

Buy products with less packaging.

One of the most significant sources of paper waste is the packaging. Many companies buy more than they need, which means they end up with a large amount of excess packaging that doesn’t get recycled. If you run a business, a better solution is to buy what you need. For instance, if your business is based on eCommerce, consider using email instead of snail mail when communicating with customers. Your customers will appreciate it, and you’ll also reduce paper waste.

Utilize digital documents

using tablets are one Way to Reduce Paper Waste

Using digital documents instead of paper files can also help reduce waste. For example, electronic records can fit more text on a single sheet, while you can print paper reports on both sides of the page. Electronic data storage also eliminates the need for junk mail and duplications of mailing lists. Another way to cut down on paper is to use soy-based printing ink. And of course, you can recycle used paper.

Printing on both sides of the sheet can reduce waste significantly. Studies show that printing on both sides of the paper can cut waste by 50%. This simple change can make a massive difference in the amount of paper you use in your office. You can even use the same sheet of paper for multiple purposes. You’ll save 50% more by doing this! These are just three ways to reduce paper waste at work. So, take a few minutes to consider these changes in your office.

If you don’t have a compost bin, consider getting a neighbor to do it. Or, consider shredding your paper and using it as seed-starting pots.

Summary: 3 Ways to Reduce Paper Waste

These are just three basic ways to reduce paper waste. There are tons of ways to reduce your paper footprint and reduce how much is sent to recycling facilities or landfills. If you have other ways to reduce waste, share them in the comments below.