First and foremost, I would love to welcome you to Composting with Red Worms. My name is Regina Redworm and I love the common composting worm Eisenia fetida also known as the redworm or in some circles ‘red wigglers.’

Many people do not think they can compost food scraps in their apartments. I want to share my experience with small-space vermicomposting. Composting doesn’t have to be a stinky eyesore. I will share with you how to rid your home of food scraps, paper scraps, and more. In the right conditions, a redworm can eat its weight in organic matter in a day. Through reading my blog I hope to help you start your composting journey, troubleshoot any issues, and produce nutrient-rich fertilizer.

It’s simple to set up a red worm container with common household items. such as:

  • a plastic tote bin
  • shredded cardboard boxes
  • shredded office papers
  • shredded paper towel tubes
  • shredded paper towel tubes
  • chopped up kitchen scraps
  • coffee grounds and filters
  • clean egg shells

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This means that all of the items can be taken out of the waste stream, and turned into nutrient-rich fertilizer. With China and many other countries denying foreign recycled materials, there is more waste than ever. Redworms provide the opportunity to compost these items fully at home and return their nutrients to their lawns, gardens, or household plants.

I want to stress that these are things that I found to help maintain my bins over the past ten years. I’ve run into a lot of problems over the years, and I want to share what worked for me.

There is no 100% right or wrong way to vermicompost.

Please share your insights in the comment sections of the blog. Your input can help people who are in a situation closer to yours find a solution that works.

Thank you for visiting Composting with Red Worms!

Happy composting!