Compost Worm Bins

Finding the right bins for your compost worms is important, especially if you live in an apartment. You want an apartment that fits your decor, contains smells, and also has composting power!

Check out our bin reviews, and posts about the difference between stacking and single bin systems. 


What Compost Bin Is Right For You?

In the beginning, you may debate which compost bin is right for you and your home. Different types of designs offer different benefits. Our guides try to balance an eye toward aesthetics vs composting ability.


Overview of Red Worm Composting Containers

As mentioned above, you can think of vermicomposting bins in generally one of two systems.

The most common and inexpensive way to get started is a one-bin system. Often people look to repurpose tote bins, recycling bins, or even old bathtubs. Because many single bin systems are made of upcycled and easily found materials, it is the more environmentally friendly way to get started. We recommend you pick a container that is wider than it is tall. For example, a tote bin is often easier to maintain than a trash can. Since these bins are not specifically made for worm composting, you will need to make some required. 

If you would rather start with a ready-to-go system, you can purchase vermicomposting systems. Many ready-to-purchase worm composting systems come in the form of a tower or stacking containers. Tower systems are made specifically for worm composting. They have features to get rid of any excess liquids, and extra trays to add new bedding and compost. 

Single Bin System

Worm Composting Containers tote bin with compost

Tower bin system

black stacking vermicompost container

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cardboard for vermicompost starter kit bedding



You will want to get your bedding ready a few days to a week prior to your worms arrive. This will a little time for beneficial bacteria to start making a home in your bins. Be sure that you use gloves when handling your worms and their bedding from this point on. Overall, there are no dangers in worm composting. It's just a good practice to protect yourself from bacteria in the bin and the worm bin from your bacteria. 


Household items that can be used as bedding

  • Corrugated cardboard (undyed, natural)
  • Cardstock egg containers
  • Toilet paper & paper towel internal rolls 
  • Newspaper (avoid pages with color ink or glossy pages)
  • Office paper & mailers
  • Coffee filters 
  • Used coffee grounds (acidic, use in moderation) 

Natural items that can be used as bedding

  • Coconut coir 
  • Leaves (in moderation)
  • Composted manure (not ideal for indoor bins)
  • Peat moss

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