Where can I buy compost worms in Rhode Island?

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Not sure where you can buy compost worms in Rhode Island? Many people have become interested in vermicomposting for a smaller environmental footprint. Others choose them because they can churn a backyard compost pile into nutrient-rich compost in no time.

No matter how you came to composting with red worms, you’ve moved from checking it out to wanting to get started.

Of course, you could always purchase worms here:

Let’s jump into today’s article about worms in Rhode Island without further ado.

Places to buy compost worms in Rhode Island

Reach out to local farms and gardens

One of the easiest ways to get started is to call some local farms and gardens in the area. Many of them have large compost piles located on-premise. There may be a chance that they are vermicomposting, selling red wigglers. Many greenhouses are finding secondary sources of income by selling compost worms or worm castings by the pound.

providence rhode island compost worms near the capital

If they are not selling worms by the pound, ask if they notice many worms in their compost or aged cow manure. You can often negotiate to purchase a bucket of compost rich in worms. The downfall is that you may pick up some other hitchhikers that live in the compost.

Small online worm sellers

Another way to find worms in Rhode Island is to check eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy. Many people overlook these options as places to purchase worms locally. These online selling platforms allow composting worm enthusiasts to have a side hustle. Sellers on eBay and Etsy have lists of reviews. I find that with eBay and Etsy, you’ll likely still have to ship from out of state. However, it’s always worth a look since you have the opportunity to read reviews and see what past customers have said.

Check eBay

Check Craigslist in your area:

Click here to check Etsy

Buy compost worms directly from seller’s website

Many people feel uncomfortable buying composting worms from a random person on the internet. Buying directly from the seller’s website is often best. Buying worms from their website means they don’t lose money to app fees incurred from selling on online marketplace sites.

Red composting worms

Sadly we had a hard time finding places to buy compost worms in Rhode Island. However, there are a lot of places to purchase worms in nearby states! If you are currently selling worms in Rhode Island, please share your information, and we will add you to the site!

Add your website

Please share them below if you know of other websites where you can directly buy compost worms in Rhode Island. Our goal is to make it easier for vermicomposters to get started.