Where can I buy red worms in Alaska

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Living in the northernmost state can present some problems when trying to find where to buy red worms in Alaska. It is the most significant state in the United States. There is so much physical distance between many communities that getting what you need is challenging. Today, our goal is to help you find some resources to help you on your composting journey.

No matter how you came to composting with red worms, you’ve moved from checking it out to wanting to get started. Depending on where you live in Alaska, you may only find it possible to get worms through a national supplier.

Of course, you could always purchase worms from us:

Red composting worms

I also want to find offer resources you can find in your state. Today I’ll share some free ways to get some composting worms and support local businesses.

Let’s get started.

Places to get red worms in Alaska

Looking in your backyard

This may seem too simple but look for worms in your backyard or local park. Turn over some rocks and do a little digging, and you’ll be able to start adding worms to your bin. The downside to this method is that you are likely to pick up worms that are not red. It is possible to capture a European or American nightcrawler accidentally.

One of the reasons I suggest this method first is because:

  1. It’s free
  2. Harms fewer worms in the process
  3. You also bring beneficial bacteria that help your worms get established.

Many people think all you want in a worm bin is the worms. If you’re planning to set up a worm bin, it’s important to consider the various microorganisms that play a crucial role in this process. While worms are undeniably important, they can’t do it all alone. Bacteria and other decomposers such as mites assist in breaking down food scraps and making them soft enough for the worms to devour. So don’t overlook the importance of these tiny but mighty helpers when setting up your own worm bin!

So grab a trowel and find some worms!

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Asking gardens and nurseries

Since worms make such nutrient-rich compost, many farm and garden centers sell worms. Often they will advertise them on their website, or sometimes you need to call ahead.

Even if they don’t sell their worms directly, you may find it helpful to ask if you can look for worms in their compost. Since composting worms only live in the top six inches of earth, you won’t need to dig far. If you choose this method, call ahead, and bring your trowel and container.

Check your local bait shop.

It is commonplace to find worms in your local bait shop. It may seem that you’re looking to keep them as pets. However, many bait shop owners are happy to sell worms to you, just like anyone else, regardless of their use.

A note of caution here- many bait shops do not sell redworms exclusively. Often they sell nightcrawlers, as they are more good worms to sell to people who fish. As noted before, Nightcrawlers are also excellent for composting but eat slower than red worms.

Online worm sellers in Alaska

Online independent sellers

Another way to find worms in Alaska is to check eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy. Some folks don’t consider these as places to purchase worms. Online selling platforms allow red worm lovers to have a side business.

Plus, sellers on eBay and Etsy have a list of reviews to help you decide where to buy your worms.

You can read everyone’s reviews and make sure that you are

Click here to check eBay

Click here to check Craigslist

Click here to check Etsy

Companies you can buy worms from online

We researched high and low for established businesses selling worms in Alaska. However, we came up short and couldn’t find anyone within the great big state with an official online worm sales business.

What we did find instead is a beneficial Facebook group. We suggest you join in and talk to the locals about where they got their start. Maybe someone in your neighborhood will give you some worms to get started.

Tim’s Plants, Produce, & Worms

Group based out of Anchorage, Alaska

Add your website

Please share them below if you know of other online websites to buy red worms in Alabama. Our goal is to make it easier for vermicomposters to get started.