Where to buy red worms in Florida

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Thankfully buying compost worms in Florida is quite easy. Florida red worms sellers can help you get started today. Of course, you could always purchase worms from our friends over at Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm (clicking this link helps support the website, thanks in advance!) but the goal of today’s blog is to provide you with state-specific resources.

Let’s get started.

Florida Red Worm Sellers

Contact Fishing Supply Stores

Florida is famous for its fishing which means the state has a lot of places that sell worms and other fishing supplies. Although they sell the worms as food, it is common to purchase worms for composting.

Thankfully, bait and tackle stores exist in large and small towns across the state. Before you stop by, check if they carry “red wigglers” or you could even accept “blue worms”. While earthworms can be used for vermicomposting, they take special considerations.

composting worms in florida

It is common for worm sellers to mix blue worms and red wigglers as they are of similar size. Red wigglers can live in peace with many other composting worms. Earthworms do not prefer to live in colonies and eat less food for their size.

Check Farm And Garden Supply Businesses

More farm and garden stores across the country are offering worms as a way to amend soil and encourage composting. Worms castings add important nutrients, bacteria, and microbes into soil. Vermicompost can take the place of synthetic fertilizers for most gardeners.

Sales of worms at farm and garden stores is still new. I hear more stories of farm, garden, and even hardware stores selling worms specifically for composting.

Since worm sales are new, it is important to call the store before showing up. This will save you a lot of time and energy.

Check in the soil (the free Method)

Finally, one of the easiest ways to get worms today is to just go outside and dig in the dirt. This tip may not be helpful for those living in southern Florida during the summer. However, grabbing a shovel and a bucket can help you get started today.

Last but not to be forgotten is to check the leaf litter and top layer of soil. This tip may not be useful in the summer heat. As weather cools, worms will break down leaves and any other organic matter. If you dig in the top layer of dirt or in the leaf litter, you will likely find a lot of worms.

One of the reasons I love this method is:

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s kid-friendly
  3. You use native worms (releasable back in nature)
  4. Harms fewer worms in the process
  5. Includes beneficial bacteria to help your worms get established

I really love this method for beginner vermicomposters. If they decide for whatever reason that this method of composting isn’t for them, they can release their worms. This is not advised for those who purchased their worms online out of state or country.

Local Online Sellers

Social Media Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Facebook’s marketplaces are a great way to collect with composters in your own community. There are many different places where you can either buy or trade someone for a container of compost worms.

The benefit of using a social media platform to find your worms is that it connects you with a real person. This person is likely passionate about worm composting. When you have a question, you know know someone who also shares your passion.

This is the way I started my second bin. After a move I needed to start over, and a local woman happily gave me a bucket of worms for free. She has been a go to resource throughout my vermicomposting journey.

Buy Worms In CA On Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy Sellers

Here are some quick links to your local Craigslist pages for different regions in Florida. Simply find the location closest to you and search for: ‘red worms’, ‘composting worms’, ‘red wigglers’, or ‘Eisenia fetida.’

Beyond Craigslist you can find Florida red worms sellers on other online marketplaces. Websites like eBay and Etsy also give small or private sellers the opportunity to make some extra cash.

Be sure to filter your search results. I like to start within 25 miles. of my zip code. If you can’t find any within 25 miles, just increase your search range until you find a seller. Another benefit of online marketplaces are the reviews. You can easily avoid bad sellers, by reading comments where worms were poorly packaged for transport.

Click here for to check Ebay

Click here to check Etsy

Worm Stores In Florida

Good news if you want to start composting at home in Florida. Your state has a lot of people on Craigslist and eBay. However, if you prefer picking up your worms in person, you have a few options. I bet there are a handful of other formal businesses selling worms, but I could not find their website. If you sell worms or know a place that sells worms, Please submit it below.

start vermicomposting and buy compost worms in florida red worms

Here are two Florida red worms stores that I was able to track down.

Add your own website

If you know of other websites that you can buy worms in Florida, please share them below. Our goal is to make it easier for vermicomposters to get started.