Where to buy red worms in Kentucky

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Today, I will share some places you can buy compost worms in Kentucky. Composting with red worms is a great way to reduce food and paper waste in any home. This post will share some places you can buy or find compost worms for free in KY. Of course, you could always purchase worms from our friends over at Meme’s Worms (clicking this link helps support the website, thanks in advance!).

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Where To Buy Worms In Kentucky

Contact Fishing And Tackle Stores

First, the local bait and tackle fishing store is one of the most common yet forgotten places to buy your compost worms. Often, your local shop will carry several varieties of worms for fishing, including red wigglers and blue worms.

Fishing stores are found in both rural Kentucky and cities. To avoid inconvenience, it’s advisable to call ahead and inquire about the availability of compost worms, not just nightcrawlers. Although nightcrawlers can compost, they’re harder to keep happy in a vermicomposting bin. When making the call, it’s best to ask if they stock red wigglers, Eisenia fetida, tiger worms, or red worms, which are all names for the same worm – our friendly compost worm. Additionally, blue worms are also an option.

Some bait shops will package red and blue worms, which is not a problem. These two worms consume an impressive amount of food. They also prefer to live in colonies, close to other worms.

Dig In The Dirt (The Free Method)

Next, I want to share the free method – digging in the dirt. Composting worms live close to the top of the soil or above the ground in the leaf litter. They love decaying matter and manure; after a good rainfall, you easily find some worms.

I love this method because

  1. You use native worms (releasable back in nature)
  2. It’s free
  3. Harms fewer worms in the process
  4. Includes beneficial bacteria to help your worms get established
  5. Fun and kid-friendly

One of the great things about this method is that you grab a little soil along with the worms. This extra soil you add to your paper and coconut coir bedding adds additional beneficial bacteria. This added bacteria will help your worms break down the food to eat the food scraps.

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Check Farm And Garden Supply Businesses

Finally, check your local farm or garden stores for compost worms. It is becoming more common to see garden centers carrying worms to help people improve their soil quality.

Worms naturally aerate and add additional nutrients to the soil that can get depleted after continuous plantings. Since people are looking toward more natural and sustainable ways to boost their ground, compost worms are becoming more available.

For this reason, more stores carry worms for purchase. It is essential to call ahead to check that they have worms, not worm castings. Worm castings are the same as vermicompost or the nutrient-rich poop of your worms.

Local Online Sellers

Buy Worms In GA On Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy Sellers

You can check local online marketplaces if you live in a very rural area or are just running into many dead ends on finding compost worms. Thousands of people sell compost worms on Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy. You’d be surprised how many people in your town are selling compost worms for extra money.

This is a great way to support a local seller. Here are some quick links to buy worms in Kentucky on Craigslist.

Another online resource that can help you buy compost worms in Kentucky is eBay or Etsy. You can filter the results by zip code. Start with the closest distance option. If there are no results, expand to the next closest option until you find a seller. Often people can find a seller within 25 miles of their home.

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Social Media Marketplaces

Social media marketplaces are a great place to check for worms as well. Websites like Facebook have a lot of local yard sales and garage sale pages. This is a great place to get worms for cheap or free.

I started this way with an offer of a bag of coffee for compost worms. A composter from across town told me to bring a bucket. They gave me a few shovels of worms from their outdoor compost bin. In the beginning, this woman was my go-to resource on vermicomposting.

Share the joy of composting and meet someone in your community—a win-win.

Worm Stores In Kentucky

Thankfully, if you want to purchase worms from a worm breeder in Kentucky, you have some options. Below I’ve listed a few different places you can find worms. These also include some home and garden stores that sell worms as well. If you know a brick-and-mortar business where you can buy worms, please share their information below!

Denver Colorado Composting Worm Union Station

Here are a few stores that you can check out.

Tripple G Worm Farm
1314 Beautiful Home Road
Tompkinsville, KY 42167
(270) 457-2401

Add a website

If you know of other websites to directly buy red worms in Kentucky, please share them below. Our goal is to make it easier for vermicomposters to get started.