Where to buy red worms in Mississippi

Need to buy red worms in Mississippi?

Not sure where to buy compost worms in Mississippi? In today's post, I'll cover some places you can find worms, or you can also search in your backyard for worms.

Of course, you could always purchase worms from our friends over at Meme's Worms (clicking this link helps support the website, thanks in advance!). Today I will cover some familiar places to purchase worms, some free options, buy local opportunities, and online sellers.

Let's get started.

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Mississippi Worm Sellers

Dig in the Dirt

First, Let's discuss one of the easiest ways to get worms - go outside and dig in the dirt. You may not want to go hunting for worms. However, grabbing a shovel and a bucket can help you start today.

One of the reasons I love this method is:

  1. It's free
  2. You use native worms (releasable back in nature)
  3. Harms fewer worms in the process
  4. Includes beneficial bacteria to help your worms get established

nature area to find worms

You will also likely grab some dirt and the worms as you dig. The ground can help establish some beneficial bacteria and insects in your bin. This will help your bin's ecosystem and help items decompose faster.

One of the best places to find compost worms is on a farm. Red worms are infamous for living in aged manure piles. If you live near a farm, ask if you can grab a bucket full of manure. 

You may want to add bedding to this mix and wait until the worms consume most of the manure. Where you search for worms is up to you.

Check Farm And Garden Supply Businesses

An increasing number of individuals are opting to steer clear of chemical fertilizers, thereby resorting to worms as a viable alternative. Consequently, there has been an uptick in the number of garden supply stores carrying composting worms.

People use the worms to container compost, release them into an outdoor compost pile, or add the worms directly to their garden. Worms compost decaying material, turn it into fertilizer, and aerate the soil.

Be sure to call ahead. I don't want you to show up to find that they don't yet carry worms. Call ahead and ask for Eisenia fetida, also known as tiger or red worms. These are all different names for the same worm, our friendly compost worm. Another variety that you can use is blue worms.

Contact Fishing And Tackle Stores

Finally, the most common place to buy worms in Mississippi is at a fishing supply store. Many people forget about checking out the local bait and tackle store because they sell worms as food.

There is a fair chance that a place sells fishing supplies in your neighborhood. When you contact the fishing shop, you can ask which types of worms they sell. You can refer to the worm names above to see if anything will work.

Blue worms and red worms are great vermicomposters and live well together. Both enjoy living in colonies and consume much food per their weight. 

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Local Online Sellers

Buy Worms In MS On Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy Sellers

To assist you in finding red worms, composting worms, red wigglers, or Eisenia fetida in your area, here are quick links to the local Craigslist pages of various regions in Mississippi. Simply locate the page nearest to you and initiate your search.

Plus, sellers on eBay and Etsy have a list of reviews to help you make your decision on where to buy your worms.

You can read everyone’s reviews and make sure that you are

Click here to check eBay

Click here to check Etsy

Another online marketplace that you can check is the Facebook Marketplace. Many yard sales, garage sales, and trade-only pages are active on Facebook. Take a minute to make a post asking for some compost worms and the maximum price you would like to make. You will likely have several offers within an hour or two.

Worm Stores In Mississippi

Support A Local Business

Good news if you want to start composting at home in Mississippi. Your state has a lot of people on Craigslist and eBay. However, if you prefer picking up your worms in person, you have a few options. I bet there are a handful of other formal businesses selling worms, but I could not find their website.

If you sell worms or know a place that sells worms, please submit it below.


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