Where can you buy red worms in North Dakota

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If you live in the land of the great lakes and need to buy compost worms in North Dakota, you’re in luck. In today’s post, I share a few places you can purchase or find compost worms. If you want to skip the read and buy worms right now, you can check out our friends over at Meme’s Worms (clicking this link helps support the website, thanks in advance!).

Let’s jump into a few locations in North Dakota where you can find or buy worms for vermicomposting.

Where To Buy Worms In North Dakota

Dig In The Dirt (The Free Method)

Digging in the dirt is an excellent way to get started, no matter your income. Compost worms are great because they live in the top 6 inches of soil. After a steady soaking rain, worms commonly come to the surface to breathe. This means you won’t even need a shovel if you search for worms after the rain. Just bring a pair of gloves and a nice bucket.

This is one of my favorite methods because

  1. You use native worms (releasable back in nature)
  2. Harms fewer worms in the process
  3. It’s free
  4. Fun and kid-friendly
  5. Includes beneficial bacteria to help your worms get established

A side benefit of this method is the small amounts of dirt you collect along with the worms. Soil from the outdoors contains beneficial bacteria and microbes. These additional soil decomposers help worms break down food faster and more efficiently.

North Dakota has a wide variety of forests, lakes, and streams

Check Farm And Garden Supply Businesses

Next, more and more people find worms at the farm and garden stores. The cost of commercial fertilizers continues to increase. Then some people want to avoid commercial or chemical fertilizers for something more natural.

More people are adding worms to their outdoor compost pile or adding them directly to their garden. Worms aerate the soil while eating decaying matter and turning it into nutrient-rich compost. Red worms are an excellent way for people to increase soil biodiversity. You can even use vermicompost to create compost tea.

It is essential to call ahead to check that they carry worms, not worm castings. Worm castings are the same as vermicompost or the nutrient-rich poop of your worms.

Contact Fishing And Tackle Stores

Finally, one place that may have compost worms in your hometown is the local fishing supply store. Beyond earthworms and other giant fishing worms, many bait shops also sell worms that are great for composting.

You may want to call ahead to see what worms they have on hand. Ask the person if they carry red wigglers or Eisenia fetida. Some people may know them as tiger worms or red worms. The blue worm is another variety of composting worms used for vermicomposting.

If you arrive and discover that different worms are all mixed, it will be okay, especially if they are blue and red worms. These worms work superb together, and both fall under the Eisenia type of worm, which likes to live on the soil and feed on decaying matter.

Local Online Sellers

Social Media Marketplaces

You can check social media if you’re not the type to dig in the dirt and haven’t found any composting worms at the bait or garden store. Social media platforms like Facebook must buy, sell, and trade groups. Many people are selling extra worms from their bins for extra cash.

With different moves in my life, I’ve had to give away and restart worm bins. My favorite place to buy my worms is through local marketplace pages. Often the worms are cheaper, and I get to build a relationship with a local vermicomposter.

Be sure to ask these marketplace sellers if they have red, blue, or earthworms. Some people can compost using nightcrawlers. However, they are often advanced composters.

Buy Worms In ND On Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy Sellers.

You can also check websites like Craigslist to get started. This is a great way to support a local seller. Here are some quick links to buy worms in North Dakota on Craigslist.

Another online resource that can help you buy compost worms in North Dakota is eBay or Etsy. You can filter the results by zip code. Start with the closest distance option. If there are no results, expand to the next closest option until you find a seller. Often people can find a seller within 25 miles of their home.

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Worm Stores In North Dakota

Sadly, I could not find any resources for worms in North Dakota. I know you worm farmers are out there and are willing to sell worms. Please contact us to spread the word and help other vermicomposters find you!

get compost worms near you
North Dakota is home to two different locations that currently sell compost worms.

Add a website

Please share them below if you know of other websites directly buying red worms in North Dakota. Our goal is to make it easier for vermicomposters to get started.