Where to buy red worms in South Carolina

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Are you looking to start vermicomposting and need to buy worms in South Carolina? Today I’ll share resources in South Carolina where you can find your composting worms. If you want to save yourself the search, you could purchase worms from our friends and Meme’s Worms (clicking this link helps support our website).

The state of South Carolina has a few different compost worm sellers. Let’s jump in.

Where To Buy Worms In South Carolina

Dig In Leaf Litter (The Free Method)

The first option I want to offer is to dig and gather your worms from nature. Eisenia fetida, or red worms, live in the leaf litter and not deep in the soil like an earthworm. After a heavy or all-day rain, check your backyard or local park for worms. It is common for worms to travel to the surface after rain to breathe. You can easily scoop worms off the surface or dig just a few inches.

Digging in the dirt is one of my favorite methods because

  1. You use native worms (releasable back in nature)
  2. It’s free
  3. Fun and kid-friendly
  4. Harms fewer worms in the process
  5. Includes beneficial bacteria to help your worms get established

Any soil you have in your worm container will also help you jumpstart your bin. Dirt contains beneficial microbes and bacteria. While you don’t want to use this as your only form of bedding, these helpful soil decomposers will help your worms break down food.

composting worms across South Carolina
South Carolina has a wide variety of fields, lakes, beaches, and streams

Contact Bait Stores

You can always check your local fishing supply store if you don’t want to dig for your worms. Just because they don’t advertise compost worms doesn’t mean they only carry giant earthworms.

You are looking for Eisenia fetida, tiger worms, or red worms. These are all names for the same worm, our friendly compost worm. Another variety that you can use is blue worms.

This is okay if you arrive and carry red and blue worms, but they are all mixed. Both worms can coexist happily in an apartment vermicompost bin. Both worms are great composters and will produce excellent castings for use on your houseplants or garden.

Check The Garden Nursery

Finally, the local farm and garden nursery is the last place you can check. As more people learn about the benefits of worms and castings, more worms appear in stores. Worms break down, aerate the soil, and feed plants.

For this reason, more stores carry worms for purchase. It is essential to call ahead to check that they have worms, not worm castings. Worm castings are the same as vermicompost or the nutrient-rich poop of your worms.

Local Online Sellers

Buy Worms In SC On Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy Sellers

If you strike out trying to find or buy worms in your community, you can turn online for your search. Today’s article aims to provide places to buy worms in South Carolina, not huge international sellers. Craigslist is an excellent resource for finding composting worms or materials in your community or nearby.

This is a great way to support a local seller. Here is a quick link to buy worms in South Carolina on Craigslist.

If you want your worms mailed to you, you can always check outlets like eBay or Etsy. Both websites offer you the option to filter your results by location. You can enter your zip code and search for resources within 25 miles or less. If you can’t find any worms for sale near you, expand your search and try again.

Composting worms Ebay
Add your zip code to find sellers near you

Click here to check eBay

Click here to check Etsy

Social Media Websites

Next, a newer resource that provides excellent results is the social media marketplace. Websites like Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, and more have pages exclusively for buying, selling, and trading within the same community. These are great places to request compost worms or a few shovels from someone’s compost bin.

After a big move, I needed to restart my worm bin and find new worms. One morning I placed a message on the local marketplace page. By the afternoon, a letter was in my inbox. She told me to come to her home and grab a shovel or two of compost from her outdoor bin.

Share the joy of composting and meet someone in your community—a win-win.

Worm Stores In South Carolina

If you are looking to start your worm farm in South Carolina and want to find a local brick-and-mortar worm breeder, you’re in luck. South Carolina Worm Composting is one resource you can look toward to purchase more significant numbers of worms. Please leave their information below if you are a South Carolina-based worm seller or know of small local sellers.

South Carolina composting worms to improve nature

Here are a few stores that you can check out.

Add a website

If you know of other websites to directly buy red worms in South Carolina, please share them below. Our goal is to make it easier for vermicomposters to get started.