Category: Getting started

If you are getting started with worm composting, you will find these articles especially helpful. In the early days, you will have a lot of questions. They will range from:

  • What container should I choose?
  • What bedding should I use?
  • How many worms should I purchase?
  • Where can I buy worms?

These are all common and easy to answer questions!

In these articles, you will find helpful guides that will make your journey in worm composting easier than ever. I’ve archived some trips that have helped me feed my worms, maintain a good ecosystem, and harvest compost.

Benefits of Vermicomposting

The benefits of vermicomposting are huge. You can upcycle and recycle many household items. Food waste is also removed from the landfill when you decide to compost at home or in your own apartment.

Common plastic totes, newspaper, paper towel tubes, and amazon boxes can be upcycled or composted. When your getting started, you can find common items and see them in a new way.

Food waste is also a huge problem that vermicomposting can address. As food decomposes in landfills, it creates the greenhouse gas methane. Your compost worms can help reduce these toxic gasses.

If everything goes correctly, you’ll eventually have nutrient-rich compost for your houseplants or garden.

During the early days, you will have a lot of questions, and that’s okay. If you’re just getting started, feel free to comment on any post or shoot me an email. It is possible to compost at home, indoors, and you can get started today.