Buy Compost Worms In Kansas

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Want to buy worms in Kansas? Well, there is good news for you because there are plenty of places to get your worms and start.

Today’s article shares a few ways you can begin vermicomposting. I’ll cover both free ways to acquire worms along with some places you can buy your compost worms. The article aims to help you get started today and help a local business in your state. Of course, you could always purchase worms from our friends over at Meme’s Worms.

Let’s dig into today’s article.

Where To Buy Worms In Kansas

Contact Bait And Tackle Stores

Bait and tackle stores are one of the most common locations in many hometowns that could help you get started. Many people forget about the bait shop because they sell worms to be bait for fish, not as household compost worms. However, many bait shops carry various worms, including red and blue worms, which are great for composting.

Red wigglers are usually the top composting worm because of how much it eats for their size and loves to live close to other worms. Blue worms are another type of worm that has very similar properties to red worms.

Before you stop by your local bait shop, call ahead and ask if they carry red wigglers. They are also known as Eisenia fetida, tiger, or red worms. These are all different names for the same worm, our friendly compost worm. Another variety that you can use is the blue worm.

Check Farming And Garden Supply Businesses

Next, check your local garden supply or farming store. More farmers are looking for ways to amend their soil and add natural microbes and bacteria. Compost worms, castings, and worm tea are great ways to increase soil quality. For this reason, many farm and garden stores now carry compost worms.

However, not every farm and garden center carries compost worms. For this reason, it is a good idea to call ahead and ask if they sell compost worms. They may have castings or vermicompost, also known as worm poop. Be sure to request that they sell the actual worms, not just byproducts.

Dig In The Leaf Litter (The Free Method)

If you are not in the market to buy worms, you can search for them in your natural habitat. Composting worms live very close to the surface and often in leaf litter. As fall rolls around and the leaves fall from the trees, you will likely find worms.

As the leaves decompose, worms will leave the soil and live in the decomposing leaves and other plant matter.

If you want the best chance, I suggest looking in the leaf litter after a rainfall. The rain moisturizes the leaves, which the worms love. Worms also leave the soil after rain because they breathe through their skin. When the ground becomes too saturated, worms can’t breathe, so they go to the surface for air.

I love this method because:

  1. You use native worms (releasable back in nature)
  2. It’s free
  3. Fun and kid-friendly
  4. Harms fewer worms in the process
  5. Includes beneficial bacteria to help your worms get established
where to buy compost worms in kansas
Kansas has a diverse ecosystem, from urban cities to remote wilderness.

This method is beneficial for people who are looking for a slow start. If you find just 25-50 worms, building a population of 205+ worms will take six months. Worms create cocoons that can release 3-5 worms every 90 days.

If you are okay with a slow start to vermicomposting, this is a great and fun way to get started.

Local Online Sellers

Buy Worms In KS On Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy Sellers

One place that I often overlook is Craigslist. As more and more online marketplaces have developed, Craigslist has remained a mainstay for local people to trade and sell goods. You will be surprised to find how many people in your neighborhood are also worms composting and even selling worms.

This is a great way to support a local seller. Here are some quick links to buy worms in Kansas on Craigslist.

Other online marketplaces like eBay also sell compost worms and vermicomposting bins. Be sure to check these local online resources to find someone nearby who sells worms. You can filter the results by location, so enter your zip code and search for sellers near your home. If you cannot find any sellers, expand your search radius until you find someone nearby.

Composting worms Ebay
Add your zip code to find sellers near you

Click here to check eBay

Click here to check Etsy

Social Media Marketplaces

If you are a Facebook user, you can also search the online marketplaces on that platform. There are a lot of great informational groups to help answer your questions. People are also selling worms as a side gig to make some extra cash.

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This was the method that gave me my start in worm composting. I posted on a message group that I wanted to start worm composting and asked if anyone would sell me some worms. Within a half-hour, I received a message in my inbox from someone across town. She told me she would gladly give me. a few shovels full of her worm-rich outdoor compost.

After a few days, I was at her house with a bucket. I spent over an hour talking to her about her history of worm composting. I learned a lot talking to her about her successes and failures. She continues to be a go-to resource when I have any questions.

This is an excellent option because you can share the joy of composting and meet someone in your community—a win-win.

Worm Stores In Kansas

Thankfully, if you want to purchase worms from a worm breeder in Kansas, you have some options. Below I’ve listed a few different places you can find worms. These also include some home and garden stores that sell worms as well. If you know a brick-and-mortar business where you can buy worms, please share their information below!

Denver Colorado Composting Worm Union Station

I found one store where you can buy red composting worms.

Worm Hippy Worm Farm
8900 Mill Creek Rd,
Manhattan, KS 66503

Add a website

If you know of other websites where you can directly buy red worms in Kansas, please share them below. Our goal is to make it easier for vermicomposters to get started.