How to feed compost worms

Not sure how what indoor compost worms can eat?

Learn the basics or jump into one of our articles to get some in depth tip son how to feed your worms.


Let's cover the basics

Compost worms can eat a lot of household items. In perfect conditions, a red worm can eat half its weight a day. 

Worms love most foods. but it is important to know what can cause them harm, or kill the entire bin. 

Here are our three most recent posts about feeding your red wigglers and what to avoid. 

feeding compost worms

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Where can you buy red worms in Vermont

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Best practices

The poster here follows some of the best practices of feeding your compost worms. It is important to use your own bin as a bit of an experiment too. We are still learning a lot about our little wiggly buddies. 


If you're not sure if a worm will eat something, add a little and see what happens. We advise you avoid any meat, cooked, greasy, or salty foods. Along with foods like citrus, onions, garlic for their acidic and antimicrobial properties. 


In an outdoor compost bin, many of these rules do not need to be followed. This is because worms have the space to wiggle away from anything unpleasant. Other composters like black soldier flies and maggots can eat meat and dairy products, while worms focus on the organic plant matter.


Indoor vermicompost bins are more sensitive due to their small nature. Be sure to feed in moderation, and control moisture and pH levels. These measurements are critical as if any of the three gets out of proportion, it can lead to total worm die off. 


Our articles go more indepth on what food worms like, what to avoid, and fun ways to create and store worm food for the future. 

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