Five Zero Waste Swaps You Can Make Today

Many people are looking for easy zero-waste swaps to reduce their environmental footprint. Today we share some easy ways that you can reduce your daily waste. Often we talk about how you can reduce food waste through vermicomposting. Here are some additional ways that you can improve your environmental efforts.

Reusable Straws

One of the easiest zero-waste swaps you can make is to switch to metal straws instead of plastic ones. Metal straws are available in most stores and are convenient to carry around. You can buy reusable metal straws and store them in your purse or backpack. They don’t cost a lot, and you can even purchase cleaning brushes for them to reduce plastic waste.

Read on to learn about more zero-waste swaps you can make.

Five Zero Waste Swaps reusable cutlery

Reusable cutlery

Using reusable cutlery is an excellent way to minimize single-use plastic consumption. You can also purchase eco-friendly alternatives, like silicone, a renewable resource that does not contain any petroleum products. Not only does silicone take up less space, but it is also durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Silicone cutlery makes it perfect for use in the kitchen.

Also, remember, you can also use your everyday home cutlery, place it in a repurposed baggie, and wash it when you get home.

Reusable mesh produce bags.

Reusable mesh produce bags are a great way to reduce plastic consumption. These bags come with a tare weight tag so you can charge accurately for your purchases. You can purchase reusable glass jars or bottles from zero-packaging bulk stores if you don’t want to use plastic produce bags. These can dramatically reduce your waste. They also work well for smaller items and portions.

Reusable cotton pads

Reusable cotton pads are a great way to reduce the amount of paper used in your beauty routine, which can end up in the trash. Conventional cotton pads are wrapped in plastic and often contain chemicals that can harm the environment. Using reusable cotton pads can save you about $50 per year.

The EcoRoots Organic Reusable Cotton Rounds Set comes with ten pads.

Wool dryer balls

Did you know that Wool Dryer Balls are an eco-friendly and sustainable replacement for dryer sheets? They are 100 percent pure undyed wool and last for up to 10,000 loads! Wool dryer balls not only reduce static electricity but also soften clothes. Plus, you can scent wool dryer balls with essential oils for even more fragrance.

Another bonus: wool dryer balls are compostable after they no longer retain their shape or usefulness.

reusable coffee filters reduce waste

Reusable coffee filters

Buying reusable coffee filters is a great way to reduce waste, as disposable coffee filters go into landfills every time you use them. Reusable coffee filters are especially beneficial when you consider that daily lifetime use of coffee filters will cause over 365 trees to be cut down. Stainless steel coffee filters are beautiful, as they are dishwasher safe and last for years.

Summary: Five Zero Waste Swaps You Can Make Today

There are many ways you can reduce your environmental footprint; these are just a few of the zero-waste swaps you can make. Consider other exchanges such as repurposed t-shirts into tote bags and different ways to repurpose goods instead of using virgin materials. We here at Composting with Red Worms want to encourage the planet to be a healthier place for humans and worms.