How to start composting with worms

If you want to take control of your environmental footprint and compost your food and paper waste, we are the place for you. Find all the information you need to know to start vermicomposting today. Here you will find everything from bins to bedding and where to buy worms and maintain your bin. 

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It may feel confusing learning how to compost, especially with worms. Check out our articles that will help you understand what food your worms could eat, the paper waste you could use as bedding and common mistakes that people make. 

You don't need to feel intimidated by composting with worms. It is quite easy once you learn the basics.


What Compost Bin Is Right For You?

In the beginning, you may debate which compost bin is right for you and your home. Different types of designs offer different benefits. Our guides try to balance an eye toward aesthetics vs composting ability.


Adding Bedding to your bin

Compost worm bedding is a type of bedding that is made from paper and coconut coir. The bedding is usually used in worm farms such as vermicomposting.

Compost worm bedding can be made at home by combining paper and water in a container. Let the paper soak and wring it out to the consistency of a wrung-out sponge. Worms will eat the paper and food scraps that you add and produce castings that can be used for gardening or to fertilize plants.

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Avoid Common Mistakes

Avoid common beginner mistakes that can kill an entire worm bin.

Start With Household Items

Learn what you need to start small space or apartment vermicomposting

All Your Feeding Basics

Get a full list of what you can feed your worms and what food to avoid.

Worm Casting Sifting Tips

Here are our tips to help make your casting harvest go somoothly.

Upcycle And Craft Worm Food

Make feedings consistent and easy with this worm feeding trick.

Food Waste's Impact

Food waste is a major contributor to climate change, and worms can help!.