How to maintain your compost worm bin

Not sure how to maintain your compost worm container?

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Vermicompost Castings

Compost worms can eat a lot of household items. In perfect conditions, a red worm can eat half its weight a day. 

Worms love most foods. but it is important to know what can cause them harm, or kill the entire bin. 

Here are our three most recent posts about feeding your red wigglers and what to avoid. 


Know Your Basics

There are a lot of common questions that come up throughout vermicomposting. You'll notice your worms doing weird things and wonder, "What did I do wrong?" Often it's too much food, not enough dry bedding, or maybe it's nothing to worry about at all.

Here we work to answer the most common questions that come up.


Pests and Other Composters

As you start vermicomposting, you will start to notice other life in your worm bin. Some of these items are friendly decomposers like mites and slime molds. They can be alarming at first, but in many cases, they are helping your worms break down food faster than ever.

However, if the number of these friendly decomposers grows out of control, they can compete for food with your worms. Other times you may attract items like pseudoscorpions that could potentially kill your worms. Many times these creatures live in peace and all work together to compost your food.

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Food Waste's Impact

Food waste is a major contributor to climate change, and worms can help!.


Getting The Bedding Right

Bedding is crucial when you are composting in your apartment or small home. You can use items like coconut coir, clean leaves (not around pesticides and auto exhaust) newspaper, corrugated cardboard as bedding.


When many people get started they wonder if they should just add some garden dirt or potting soil. However, this could be a fatal mistake. Composting worms live in the top layer of soil and leaf litter. Adding only leaves may make it difficult for worms to find a cozy spot, and only adding paper lacks nutritional value. It's all about making the right balance for the ecosystem to survive.