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Maze Worm Farm Composter

Maze Worm Farm exterior small bin three layers with green lid

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Let's Cover The Basics

Product Summary

Easy to assemble
4.8 out of 5
Instruction quality
4.4 out of 5
4.4 out of 5
Water management
4 our of 5

Maze Worm Farm Composter Product Features

  • Durable

    BPA free, UV-inhibited recycled polypropylene will last for years.

  • Compact Size

    This small vermicompost bin is great for small apartments.

  • Price

    One of the least expensive bins for beginners.

  • Multi-Tray

    Easily sift your compost with the multi-tray flow through design

Product Pro's

Product Con's

SUMMARY: This is a great bin for a beginner, someone in a small home, or someone with children. The look and feel of this fun are cute and approachable. The small size lends itself to being kept under the sink or next to the trash can without much notice. 

You will have this bin up and running in minutes, and just need to purchase worms and add your own food scraps. Maze made a very sturdy product, that is very easy to assemble.  

In this set up you have the base, and two ‘working’ trays. Simply add the worm saver tray, and the liquid catching tray. 

I want to make a special note her that the liquid that collects in this tray is NOT compost tea. The water in the tray is in fact leachate, the unprocessed liquid from the rotting vegetables. It is best to dump this back to the top of the bin, dump it down the drain, or heavily dilute it and pour it outside. 

You may find that there is too much moisture and worms climbing up the side of your bin. This is very common, especially after you add food. To resolve this, take the lid off completely for a few hours. If you don’t want to leave it off fully, leave it slightly askew so more air can flow through the bin.

Overall, this is a cute bin that is both beginner and price friendly. If you are new to vermicomposting or want to introduce worm composting in a way that kids can understand, this is the bin for you. 

PRICE: $75.00

Common Problems Addressed

This Bin Makes It Easy

Many people don't start vermicomposting because it seems too complicated. This bin gives you two bins that nest neatly into each other with a cute little lid to top it off.


I bring up the look so much because the second reason people don't get started is because the person they live with thinks it's gross. If you are like me, you love your worms, and the good they do for the planet. 


However, not all people think this way. This bin makes it pretty easy to get someone on board. It's just a little bin, it doesn't scream "I'M FULL OF WORMS" A friend even remarked that they thought it was a recycling bin. 


One additional perk is that you can add legs to the bin. This helps for people who don't want to bend down all the time to add scraps or dump the lechate.


Some downsides

Things To Consider

One thing that beginning vermicomposters should be aware of is pest, especially ants. You may need to place the legs of the bin in a water-filled baking tray or individual cups of water. The water creates a mote-like barrier that prevents ants from accessing the food in your worm bin.

This is a great bin for beginners, but you'll find your growth is limited. I couldn't' find additional trays to buy on their website or Amazon. For most people this won't be an issue as two trays are plenty. Some people (me) fall in love with worm composting, and want to grow their colony and composting power. 

To do that you'd need to purchase a fleet of these little bins, or invest in worm bins that have a higher capacity. I would rather invest in a few additional trays instead of buying a whole new system each time. You'll have to determine if this sounds like you, and your goals for vermicomposting. 

These are honestly minor issues. If you are looking for a small stylish worm composter, this is one of my favorite designs. Be mindful of pests in the spring, and you will be well on your way to composting success. 

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What Others Say

Verified User Reviews

Great Kitchen Composter
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Beginner worm farmer here, and I’m so glad I got this. I also have a tumbler composter in the backyard for bigger compostables like watermelon rinds and corn on the cob, but I keep this on the kitchen counter for smaller scraps and to protect the worms from temperature extremes where I live. Looks good enough to have in the kitchen without smells, and it’s very easy to use. I love watching the worms eat up scraps.
Man W.
It's a very nice and functional worm maze
Read More
Yes, it was easy to assemble, nice quality construction, and is sturdy for its purpose. It's working out very well for my first worm bin. All of my worms are staying inside, eating all their food, and are multiplying also. They seem to be doing well in their environment. I'm really glad to have a nice experience with indoor food composting with this wonderful worm maze. I'm glad to have it.
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Update review!!! The company was great about getting my product to me! The only issue I have is the lid is not air tight and worms can crawl out! But i rigged it to where they cant any longer! I also added vent holes to the green lid just to give the bin more air flow! Over all its cute to have in the kitchen.

Need an answer?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put the liquid from the spigot on my plants?

No, it is not recommended that you use the waste liquid on your plants. The liquid that is draining is leachate not compost tea.

Where are the air holes, and is the whole unit insect proof? (I keep my worms in the kitchen and sometimes small flies are attracted inside.)

There are no air holes. The top is light and fits a little louse. My is outdoors and though I've owned one for a little over a month, my worms are thriving and I have not had any fruit fly problems.

How long does it take to harvest a tray?

About 3 months. I started with 250 worms

what type of worms should be used?

Red Wiggler worms are the best species to use in vermicomposters.

Is the material BPA free?


where do you purchase the worms?

Check out our state by state guide to help you find worms near you.

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This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you purchase through a link.

Pulling It All Together

Review Summary

The Maze Worm Farm Composter is a great option for those in small spaces or just getting started. The assembly is easy and will only take you a few minutes. Simply add worms, and kitchen scraps, and you’re done. 

Some reviews complain that their worms escape, or that the lid is too loose. The loose lid is a good thing, as it allows air to enter the bin. This helps worms breath and excess moisture evaporate. 

I highly recommend this small compost bin. The Maze Worm Farm Composter combines style with thoughtful design that will keep both you and your worms happy.

Get this bin, and get started

This is a great bin for vermicomposters of any level. No matter if you are a beginner or veteran worm composter, this bin will be sure to last you for years and years.