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Aaron Jones Worm Farming

Worm Farming: The Practical Guide to This Unique Form of Natural Composting…

by Aaron "Worms" Jones
This is a great book for beginners, but even for specialists, there will be tips and tricks that will make your farm more successful.
Rhonda Sherman The worm Farmer's Handbook

The Worm Farmer’s Handbook: Mid- to Large-Scale Vermicomposting for Farms, Businesses, Municipalities, Schools, and Institutions

by Rhonda Sherman
From livestock farms and restaurants to colleges, military bases, and prisons, Sherman details why and how commercial-scale vermicomposting is a fast-growing, sustainable solution for organic waste management.
worm farming how to start a worm farm Danny Gansneder

Worm Farming: How to Start a Worm Farm: Learn About Vermiculture and Vermicomposting

by Danny Gansneder
In this guide you will learn all the proven methods to successfully start your own worm farm. Create residual income from your own food waste in your own backyard. The worm farming industry is constantly growing
Book worms for work

Worms at Work: Harnessing the Awesome Power of Worms with Vermiculture and Vermicomposting

by Crystal Stevens
Whether you're tending to a small backyard garden or managing a large farm, Worms at Work can show you how to start vermicomposting today in order to grow healthy plants in healthy, happy soil.
Eden Jane Worm composting for beginners

WORM COMPOSTING FOR BEGINNERS: The complete guides to worm composting for life

by Eden Jane
This book will start from scratch to teach you what to do, how to do it, what not to do, and many more! if you are a beginner in worm composting, then this book is for you
dion rosser composting and worm farming

Composting and Worm Farming: All You Need to Know About Creating an Organic Compost, Vermiculture, Vermicomposting, and Making Worm Bins

by Dion Rosser
With this audiobook in your hand, you’ll be going from basic gardening to advanced techniques in no time! With this audiobook in hand, you can discover a greener and cleaner future!
the worm cafe binet payne

Worm Cafe: Mid-Scale Vermicomposting of Lunchroom Wastes

by Binet Payne
This book describes how a teacher and her students developed a system to compost lunchroom waste with worms and save their school $6000 per year.
handbook on vermicomposting

Handbook on Vermicomposting: Requirements, Methods, Advantages and Applications

by Manish Kumar Singh
This study deals with the requirements, methods, advantages, etc. of vermicomposting as well as its applications in agriculture. The main purpose of this process is the quick and efficient conversion of the organic waste materials into nutritious fertilizers for plants.
peter davies vermiculture and vermicomposting

Vermiculture and Vermicomposting

by Peter Davies
The book Vermiculture and Vermicomposting discusses the importance of worms in turning organic waste into high-quality compost thus reducing the impact of household refuse in the environment and their importance in improving the land.

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