Worm Tea Basics

Worm tea is an excellent way to infuse your soil with beneficial microbes that can prevent pests and diseases. The tea also improves the structure of the soil, increases water retention capacity, and prevents clogging. Worm tea is made by brewing worm castings, which you can buy by the pound or as a kit.

How Do You Make Worm Tea?

If you’ve ever wondered how to make worm tea, you are not alone.

Finished pure worm compost for worm tea
Worm castings for worm tea
  • Use one cup of castings, one tablespoon of molasses, one gallon of water. You can place the castings in a mesh bag to reduce the amount you need to strain. However, if you you don’t need to contain the castings, but you will need to strain it f you want to use the tea in a sprayer.
  • If you don’t have rainwater, try using tap water that has sat for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate.
  • You can then tie the castings into a tea bag and steep it for 24-72 hours to extract the benefits. Add the molasses to feed the microbes in the castings. Mix or add a fish tank bubbler to increase the oxygen while steeping.
  • Worm castings brew is light brown and once finished, you can use it immediately or store it in a dark place until needed.

After the tea has brewed, you can add it to your garden. Afterward, you can add it to a compost pile or dry soil. Alternatively, you can pour the worm cast tea to a flower pot and sprinkle it on your favorite tree. It can be as much as five gallons. You can even use it as a foliar spray. If you’d rather sprinkle it on your lawn or garden, you can use a spray can.

How Long Does Worm Tea Last?

┬áIt’s best to use the worm tea within one day. The day it is finished brewing is when it is most potent. From that day forward, the bacterial benefits will start to drop off.

Worm tea can be applied to plants in your garden, directly to the soil, or with a watering can. Use smaller containers for this since they’re easier to handle. You can also use watering cans to add tea to your garden, as the watering can’s slow stream can seep through the soil and deliver nourishment to the roots. Apply every two weeks, depending on your plants’ needs. It’s best to apply the liquid during the early morning or late afternoon, as sunlight can kill the microbes.

How to Use Worm Tea in Your Garden

Worm tea is a great way to add beneficial microbes to your soil. Use it as soon as possible to maximize its benefits. It can be used as a soil drench or foliar spray. It can also be used to start new plants. It contains beneficial microbes that will prevent pests and disease.

Worm tea can be used to water seeds and plants, and it can even prolong non-freezing weather. You can even mix it into your drip irrigation system for better results. Tea is highly beneficial for your garden, so make sure you use it immediately. You’ll notice an increase in plant growth and healthier soil after a few weeks.


Worm tea is the best way to boost microbiological activity in your soil. Worms live in the root zone of many plants. Worm castings, manure, and other soil amendments are slow to release nutrients. Worm tea, on the other hand, is a fast-acting liquid fertilizer that plants absorb easily. Worm tea is a great alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It will boost your soil’s microbiological activity by introducing beneficial microbes to your soil.